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Felt There are two fragments of felted wool in the material. Fourshed or twill Twill is another of the basic weaves. Others can be surprisingly well preserved. The length can't be determined; but since it must be considered fairly certain that they were created on the little tubular loom of which pieces were found both in the chamber and in the fore, they may, based on the distance between the cross pieces. Analysis of the starting border on a four-shed fabric. A warp set up in this old fashion was found in a bog on the farm Tegle I Time on Jæren. 8 and Valsgärde 6 and in two graves in the Swedish Viking merchant town Birka at Lake Mälaren. Only in one single instance this core consisted of several fine, two-plied wool threads. By a lucky coincidence such a braid was found in the Oseberg ship with the whole warp with 52 tablets still attached. Silk fabrics are found in no less than 50 graves at the Swedish market town Birka from the Viking age.

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ingen strenger attached østfold

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Two-shed is the simplest and oldest of the basic weaves. The selvedges are created by first bring the weft right out to the edge, but instead of going straight into the shed on the return path a certain number of warpthreads were skipped, depending on how wide one wanted the selvedge. The embroideries are executed in different techniques. These are mostly cut up into narrow strips, of which one has an oval shape and might be a neck facing. The textiles in the Oseberg find show clearly that everything was planned down to the minute details, and every stage in the preparation was decisive, not the least the quality of the wool which would be used. There is reason to believe that tubular selvedges are a Norwegian specialty of the Viking age, but that here also they were rare.